Auditions will potentially qualify you for participation in or a recommendation for the WMS Madrigal Singers or the MSVMA State Honors Choirs.


The West Middle School Madrigal Singers is an advanced ensemble that meets during advisory every M/W/F.  The size of the group has varied from 20-48 over the past five years, but has traditionally been in the 20-24 range. The size of the group this school year is still to be determined. We perform a variety of genres of mostly 4-part SATB music including quite a bit of a cappella music. 


Students in Madrigals represent the WMS Choirs in a variety of ways. They are often responsible for performances during and outside of the school day including elementary tours, school & community events, etc. Rehearsals are fast-paced and quite demanding. Significant sight-reading abilities are required. Most students in Madrigals will be 8th graders with possibly a few advanced 7th graders.

Preliminary Audition for Madrigals:


1. Solo Song Performance (select a song from the solo resource page or get approval for another similar style song from Mr. Dee)


2. Solo Sight-Reading at the intermediate level (see examples here)


3. Group Sight-Reading in 2-4 parts (one person per part) (see examples here)


4. Music Literacy Test (see the pre-test here)


5. Basic Piano Proficiency (may not be tested) (see more info here


More information...


1. Solo songs will most likely be performed during students' class period or during advisory and may be recorded for additional teachers to evaluate. Categories for evaluation will include...Tone, Pitch, Rhythm, Diction, Interpretation (Dynamics), and Presentation (Facial Expression and Physical Movement).


2. Solo Sight-Reading will involve...

-Intermediate Level (some skips)

-Key Signature Identification

-Finding "Do" and playing it on the piano

-Playing the notes in that scale on the piano

-Sing the 8 measure example in solfege with hand signs

-Play the example on the piano


3. Group Sight-Reading may involve...

-Intermediate Level (some skips)

-Sight-Read in 2-4 parts (one person per part)


4. The Music Literacy test will include all of the material in the pre-test and may include some additional questions about intervals, key signatures, and other information available on the music literacy pages of the website. 


5. Basic Piano Proficiency might include basic note identification and may also include basic scales as found on the piano page. You may also be asked to play the following simple song...When The Saints Go Marching In.


Michigan School Vocal Music Association (MSVMA) State Honors Choir...


I may recommend students who demonstrate high levels of character and skill, to be considered for MSVMA State Honors Choir auditions. This opportunity would involve a letter home with the student to read with their parent regarding the details of the State Honors Choir program. Here are the basics...


There are 3 Middle School State Honors Choirs:


SA (2-Part Treble Voices for 6th, 7th & 8th Grade students)


SSA (3-Part Treble Voices for 7th, 8th & 9th Grade students)


TTB (3-Part Tenor / Bass Voices for 7th, 8th & 9th Grade students)


Students who I recommend (if approved by a parent) would submit an online video recording of themselves by early October of a required song selected by the MSVMA.


If chosen by the MSVMA judge, a student would attend 4 Saturday rehearsals (10a.m. - 4 p.m.) in various places around the state and a final performance in January of 2022 in Grand Rapids as part of the Michigan Music Conference. There are fees involved of $20 for the first audition and $80 if chosen by the MSVMA judge, plus travel expenses. More details will become available to recommended students.


Find out more on the MSVMA Website.

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