Saturday, November 16th, 2024

Saturday, November 16th, 2024 (9 a.m. - 9 p.m.)


MORNING: Team building activities will focus on the Choir Code and John Wooden's Pyramid of Success emphasizing character for life!




EVENING: We will have bubble soccer in the big gym, dodge ball in the small gym, karaoke in the little theater, and more!

Activities from previous years...

Bubble Soccer

Dodge Ball



Q. What time is the CCC?

A. 9 AM to 9 PM


Q. Where is the CCC?

West Middle School (enter through the doors by the big gym). 


Q. Are students supposed to stay ALL day?

A. Yes! :-)


Q. What if my student can attend for part of the day, but not the whole day?

A. Students should attend as much of the day as possible. Activities will not be the same all day long. The day is designed to begin with activities that build on each other. If students arrive late or leave early they will not receive the full benefit of the day, but some time at the CCC is better than nothing.


Q. May I just drop my student off outside or do I need to come in to drop them off?

A. You may just drop them off. You are also more than welcome to come in and stay for a while.


Q. What should students wear?

A. All students will be receiving new choir t-shirts before the CCC. All students & volunteers MUST be wearing this choir t-shirt. If additional shirts are being worn, the choir t-shirt must be on top of those. Athletic shoes and shorts or pants for physical activities in the gym should be worn. 


Q. What & When is lunch?

A. Pizza (Pepperoni and some just cheese...two pieces per person), chips, fruit snacks, pop, and water will be served for lunch from 12:00-1:00


Q. What & When is dinner & dessert?

A. Qdoba will be served for dinner from 5:00-6:00. We will have a Moomer's Ice Cream Sundae Bar for dessert with all the toppings you could imagine! :-)


Q. When should I pick up my student?

A. Parents are strongly encouraged to arrive in the Big Gym at 8:00 to hear a mini-concert and student presentations from the day's activities. 


Q. How many students will be participating?

A. About 250 students.


Q. Who will be managing all of these students & how can I help?

A. I (Mr. Dee) will be...but not by myself. ;-) Last year we had over 50 parent volunteers scheduled to chaperone throughout the day (some ALL day, some just morning / afternoon / evening). Please sign up to help. There will also be some additional TCAPS staff on site throughout the day. 


Q. What are the morning activities?

A. The morning will be spent in team-building activities focusing on physical, mental, and emotional challenges involving teams of about 10-12 students representing a variety of grades. These challenges will be based on the Choir Code, Path of a Titan, and John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. Activities will be in the Gyms, Little Theater, and Cafeterias. 


Q. What are the afternoon activities?

A. We're gonna Dance & SING! :-)


Q. What are the evening activities?

A. Physical Activities in the gyms from 4 p.m.-8 p.m., Open Mic/Karaoke in the little theater from 4:15-7:30. Ceremony for family & friends from 8:00-9:00 


Q. May students have cell phones?

A. Students may only have cell phones for emergency use or for texting a parent. The only exception would be the possibility of them being used to access the choir website or take photos as part of the activities.


Friday Afternoon (2:45 - 5:00)


I will need some help transferring items from the choir room into the cafeteria and scooping the ice cream into bowls so this doesn't need to be done on Saturday. We'll also move sound equipment from the choir room to the BIG gym and set up some welcome tables.




Morning is the busiest time of the day with students working in small groups of about 10-15 on a variety of challenges (physical, mental, emotional, etc.). These take place throughout the building (in the gym,  little theater, choir room, cafeteria, and hallway). It's very helpful to have parents spread out at various stations to help monitor, encourage, and problem-solve. Lunch is served around noon and it's always nice to have many hands to help clean up (pizza, chips, and salad bar so not too much food prep).


Afternoon is in the little theater involving songs, dance, stories, and more. It will be a wonderful time and I'm sure you'd enjoy it if you can join us.


Evening has a bit more prep and serving involved with dinner and dessert (Qdoba taco bar and Moomer's ice cream sundae bar).  The rest of the evening is filled with fun activities of all sorts. I'm planning on Laser Tag in one of the gyms, Virtual Reality, Karaoke, and more! :-)


End of the day

All parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend the celebration ceremony at the end of the day from around 8:00-9:00. There will be a few things to clean up and return to their proper places before leaving. It won't take more than about 30 minutes.

For more information about the Choir Code, please visit the Choir Code page.

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