Circle of Fifths

Practice Identifying the 5 most common Key Signatures.

Order of Sharps & Flats

The Sharp Rule is: Last 1 Up 1 (Find the last sharp [furthest to the right] and go up one letter / line or space to determine the name of the Key). Said another way...the last sharp is "Ti"...go up one line or space to get to "Do" and that line/space/letter name is the name of the Key. 

Practice Identifying the SHARP Key Signatures.

The Flat Rule is: The Final Flat is "Fa" or The Penultimate Flat is "Do." Penultimate simply means next-to-last. Look for the line or space that the next-to-last flat is on and that's the letter name of the Key.

Practice Identifying the FLAT Key Signatures.

Practice Identifying ALL of the Key Signatures.

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