Required Concerts and Events

8th Grade Treble Choir - Thursday, October 12th @ WSHS - Arrive by 6:15

7/8 Tenor Bass Choir & Madrigals - Tuesday, October 17th @ WSHS - Arrive by 6:15

7th Grade Treble Choir - Thursday, October 19th @ WSHS - Arrive by 6:15

ALL STUDENTS: 7th Annual CCC (Choir Code Celebration) - Saturday, October 28th (9-9 ALL DAY) @WMS - Save the date!


7th Grade Treble Choir - Monday, December 4th @ WSHS - Arrive by 6:15


6th Grade Choirs & Madrigals - Thursday, December 7th @ Central Grade School (Lars Hockstad Auditorium) - Arrive by 5:45


8th Grade Treble Choir & Madrigals - Monday, December 18th @ WSHS - Arrive by 6:15


7/8 Tenor Bass Choir - Tuesday, December 19th @ WSHS - Arrive by 6:15



7th & 8th Grade Choirs - Tuesday, February 20th in Lars Hockstad Auditorium @ Central Grade School


6th Grade Choirs & Madrigals - Thursday, February 22nd in Lars Hockstad Auditorium @ Central Grade School


7th & 8th Grade Choirs will attend MSVMA District Choral Festival (most likely during the school day) on Monday OR Tuesday, February 26 OR 27 (not both dates).  



7th & 8th Grade Choirs *may possibly* attend MSVMA State Choral Festival at Central Michigan University on Monday or Tuesday, May 6th or 7th. 


ALL Students will perform at the 2nd Annual SING-A-THON on Saturday, May 18th at Central Grade School.


For October, December & February concerts, students wear ALL black formal concert attire. Please refer to the choir handbook for all details of formal concert attire. These events are FREE. There are no tickets needed. Seating is first come, first served.


For the SING-A-THON, students wear Choir T-Shirts & Blue Jeans.


Students may choose more athletic pants/shorts for the CCC to wear with their Choir T-Shirts.

Details, including location, start and end time, etc. for events are available on the Google calendar below. Additional dates/events may be required for Madrigals. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. If you are aware of previously scheduled engagements that conflict with events on the choir calendar, please contact me immediately to discuss conflicts. I will notify you ASAP if any dates or details change. 

Click on "Agenda" on the top right of the calendar to see a list of events.

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