The 7th/8th TB Choirs are directed by Mr. Erich Wangeman. He also directs choirs at TC West Senior HS. The TB Choirs consist of two classes (5th and 6th hour) averaging 25-30 students per class for a total of around 55 students. 7th/8th Grade TB Choir students meet every day for class. Their 2017-2018 concert schedule includes fall and spring concerts as well as a festival performance in February. Students focus on mastering the fundamentals of music literacy and vocal production emphasizing excellent tone quality while deepening their understanding and application of many other musical elements. They sing a wide variety of choral music genres including songs in foreign languages and English with some opportunities for popular styles too. Most songs are in two or three part harmony. More details about the learning goals and scales for choir can be viewed on the How to SING! page.

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