September 7, 2023


Dear Choir Students and Parents / Guardians:

I am very excited about and looking forward to a fantastic year with all of the TC West Choirs – my eighth year at TCAPS and my 20th year of teaching! The information below lists the responsibilities and opportunities of choir members including expectations, grading, a link to our calendar of events, concert attire, and performances opportunities. Students and parents, please read this information together so we are all on the same page. Please complete the “e-signature” below as soon as possible. You will need to complete the handbook signing with your student logged in on their computer. Please feel free to contact me with any questions by e-mail at




Mr. Dee


With your Attitude 1st

With your Actions 2nd

With your Voice 3rd

Be Respectful – Interact with people and property with respect at all times.


Be on time - Be in your assigned spot on time (early is better than just in time).

Raise your hand - If you wish to speak, please wait for me to call on you.

Treat others the way you wish to be treated - the Golden Rule.


Be Responsible – Plan ahead, be prepared, and think before you act.


Use the bathroom - before or after class (not during).

Spit out your gum - before class at the door.

Bring your computer and any other required materials every day.

You may bring a water bottle, but no other liquids or food, please.

Thank you! 


Daily Demonstration of Learning Goals & Scales.

Concert Attendance & Performance is required.

Make-Up Assignments are required for all absences.

More grading details will be available in PowerSchool.


Please visit the calendar page of the website to view all currently scheduled concerts, events, choir parent meetings (optional...we need more volunteers), and other events. The online calendar will always be the most current and accurate information. If you choose to print a list of events, please confirm dates, times, and locations online to make sure that you have the correct information in case anything changes. 


Our biggest event of the year is the 7th Annual Choir Code Celebration (CCC) on Saturday, October 28th. Please visit the CCC Page for more information. 


Details, including location, start and end time, etc. for the events above are available in the Google calendar. Additional dates/events may be required for Madrigals. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. If you are aware of previously scheduled engagements that conflict with events on the choir calendar, please contact me immediately to discuss conflicts. I will notify you ASAP if any dates or details change. 


A message about concerts...Concerts are CELEBRATIONS! 

Think about the last celebration you guess is that the following four things were present: Music (and probably singing), applause, strong emotions, physical connections.

Imagine the last birthday party you attended...

Friends and family sang "Happy Birthday."

They applauded when the special guest blew out the candles.

Strong emotions were heard, seen, felt, sensed.

People hugged, shook hands, gave high fives, etc.


Consider the connections between a concert and a celebration...




Strong Emotions

Hugs, High Fives, Etc.

Concerts are CELEBRATIONS! 

All of these things are reasons to consider concerts a celebration!

So I don't expect to hear the question...

"Do I have to come to the concert?"

Rather, I expect to hear...

"I can't wait for our next concert!" :-)


Unfortunately, life is not always this simple and sometimes conflicts arise. In these cases, please know that I will be understanding and supportive of your decisions as a family to do what is in your best interest. Just remember that every choir is a team and an extended family of people who depend on each other and every voice matters! 


Concerts are an opportunity for students to share with their friends and family the results of their hard work over the course of many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years! I hope you will make it a priority to CELEBRATE the success of the Traverse City West MS Choirs with us at our CONCERTS this year!


October & December Concerts & Festival/Formal Performances:

Black dress pants, leggings, or ankle length skirt.

Black closed heel and closed toe dress shoes with less than 2" heels.

Black socks, leggings, or nylons to cover ankles & feet.

Black long-sleeve or 3/4 length dress shirt.


Below are some examples of what students should wear (available on Amazon):


If you are unable to find / purchase any of these required items, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will do everything I can to help you. Please give me notice as soon as possible and no less than two weeks before a concert.



Blue Jeans, Choir SING! T-Shirt, and Gym shoes or similar style shoes.


If you would like to volunteer for any events, please complete the following TCAPS Volunteer Form. I will need several volunteers for the CCC as well as at other events throughout the year.  


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