Tips & Tricks

Smile and look your potential customer in the eyes. Speak in a clear voice (try not to mumble or say “um” or "like" a lot). Introduce yourself and get to the point:


"Hi! My name is ________. I SING! in the West MS Choirs. We are doing a fundraiser. Will you please help us? It’s ONLY $10 and you’ll save more than you spend!”


Remember to look them in the eye when you’re talking to them, but look down at the card when you hand it to them. They’ll look at it and most likely, they’ll take it from you and then you'll probably have a sale.


If they say they’ll take one, ask them if they’d like to get one for their best friend. Most people have a best friend that will come to mind right away and make them happy...Happy people help other people...We like people to be happy.


If someone doesn't want one just thank them kindly, smile, and leave. You might be surprised to have some customers decide to help after you’ve turned around because you respected them.


Incentives / Prizes

For every 10 cards sold, each student will get to draw 1 bill.

(There will be a variety of $2's, $5's, $10's, $20's, and $50's)


If students sell 10 cards DURING "Fast Start" they will receive double rewards (2 bills per 10 cards)! (Fast start ends the first time I see them in class the following week)


Additionally, I will offer one grand prize name drawing for ONE $100 bill to a student who sells 25 cards! (Your name goes in the drawing once for every 25 cards.)


Bonus Prize for ALL students (Not just 7th & 8th as we discussed in class) who sell 20 cards: Custom ¼ Zip Fleece Jackets ($60 value)! Check out the pictures on the website!


8th Grade Bonus: 25% of your profits after $100 raised will go into your HS Choir Trip Account!

People to ask (Only people who live in or regularly visit Traverse City):

Family: Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, other relatives

Friends: Mom’s best friend, Your best friend’s mom (might be the same…might not)

Neighbors: Only knock on doors your parents have approved.

People you see regularly somewhere.

Ask your Mom or Dad to take an order form to work (only if allowed)

People NOT to ask:

Strangers (unless you’re meeting your neighbors with an adult present)

People you won’t see again if you’re taking orders and don’t have a card to give them.


1. Collect Cash or Check (made out to TCAPS) upon delivery.

2. Do NOT deliver cards without payment.

3. Turn in all collected money to Mr. Dee or return any unsold cards on Monday (especially if you have most of your cards still) so that other students who need more cards to sell can take them and sell them.

REMEMBER to thank all of your customers with a BIG SMILE and a hearty “THANK YOU!

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.



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