TC West Choir Students are Super Singers!

Vocal Music Learning Goals & Scales:

Six Elements of Superior Singing (from the MSVMA rubric):

The above elements and bullet points are from the MSVMA Festival Rubric (below):

Superior Singers are also Superior Sight-Readers!

Sight-reading requires students to identify rhythms and melodies at one of three levels: Primary, Intermediate, or Advanced. Sight-reading scores are combined with three performance scores. The total possible number of points is 120 (30 points per judge).

Final Determination: Total Points
Excellent (1) 120-96 (Qualifies for State Choral Festival)
Good (2) 95-72
Fair (3) 71-46
Developing (4) 45-24

District Festival Scores from 2018:

MSVMA Clinician Scores from 2017:

District Festival Scores from 2016:

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