If you would like to volunteer for any events, please complete the following TCAPS Volunteer Form. I will need several volunteers for the CCC as well as at other events throughout the year. 

The Traverse City West Choir Organization (TCWCO) is the volunteer parent group that supports the needs of the WMS & WSHS Choirs! Please consider joining us for our meetings on the second Saturday of the month. We are currently meeting in person at TC West Senior HS. It would be wonderful to have more representation from West Middle School. The agenda covers everything from fundraising to volunteer needs, upcoming events, and goals for the choir program.

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Concert Volunteers

Many hands make light work...it's so true! Any parents who would be willing to help load, unload, and set up the sound equipment and digital piano from WMS to Central Grade School before our concerts and help set up and take down the choral risers on stage would be greatly appreciated! We rent a big box truck with a lift gate for all of the heavy equipment so that part is covered. Now we just need lots of muscles to help move everything from one place to another and some extra willing hands to help connect all of the mics and speakers on stage. 


A few extra eyes and ears at the doors, in the hallways, by the stairs, and near the bathrooms before concerts is always very helpful too! Please let me know if you would be willing to assist in this way at our concerts.


Friday Afternoon (2:45 - 5:00)

I will need some help transferring items from the choir room into the cafeteria and scooping the ice cream into bowls so this doesn't need to be done on Saturday. We'll also move sound equipment from the choir room to the BIG gym and set up some welcome tables.




Morning is the busiest time of the day with students working in small groups of about 10-15 on a variety of challenges (physical, mental, emotional, etc.). These take place throughout the building (in the gym,  little theater, choir room, cafeteria, and hallway). It's very helpful to have parents spread out at various stations to help monitor, encourage, and problem-solve. Lunch is served around noon and it's always nice to have many hands to help clean up (pizza, chips, and salad bar so not too much food prep).


Afternoon is the easiest part of the day as we will all be in the little theater with our guest musician / speaker, Ken Medema. He will be engaging us is songs, dance, stories, and more. It will be a wonderful time and I'm sure you'd enjoy it if you can join us.


Evening has a bit more prep and serving involved with dinner and dessert (Qdoba taco bar and Moomer's ice cream sundae bar).  The rest of the evening is filled with fun activities of all sorts. I'm planning on Laser Tag in one of the gyms, Virtual Reality, Karaoke, and more! :-)


End of the day

All parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend the celebration ceremony at the end of the day from around 8:00-9:00. There will be a few things to clean up and return to their proper places before leaving. It won't take more than about 30 minutes.

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Email Mr. Dee at deeem@tcaps.net 

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